Friday, April 20, 2012

Some serious work has been done by the board to get the 2013 symposium under way.

The symposium name and theme is "off centre."  We are thankful for the ongoing support by ACAD for their facility as the location for the symposium.

In addition, we have a gallery for the 2013 show!  Take a sneak peak at the popular Webster Gallery,
812 - 11 Avenue SW website:  in Calgary.  Or better yet, drop by!  The CCAA has secured the second floor. Webster's has plinths for the show! It's a beautiful gallery space and it has a great and accessible location on 'gallery row' with a goodly amount of parking in the area.  

Coming out shortly, and to be included in the blog and the pretty-close-to-finished website, are calls for proposals for the symposium and a call for volunteers.

For proposals, we are looking for: presenters, workshop and panel applicants. Watch for it! Don't hesitate to apply or contact us if you have an idea for a great presenter. We'll consider Albertan, Canadian and even international participants.

Yes, volunteers.  We are starting early and will be developing a master plan to allow people to work in areas that are of specific durations and for a wide variety of interests and availability.  Interested in making this a major, important symposium for the whole clay community, its businesses, educators and supporters  in Alberta? Would you like to host a guest and offer a ride or two to the venues?  Or be part of a jury for the show at the Webster Gallery?  Help with food services?  Provide assistance at ACAD?  Help us, help YOU make this an important and fun event for the clay community.

Don't forget to contact me about your events, ideas and information you want on the blog.

And thanks to Ashley Morrow!  The beautiful glaze background for CCAA communications is from one of her pieces.

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